Learning@the Nexus of Practice

The blog is dedicated to exploring how learning science research might be informed by the closely related frameworks of mediated action (Wertsch, 1998) (MA) and mediated discourse analysis (Scollon & Scollon, 2004) (MDA).

In June 2014, a workshop will be organized within the frame of the 11th International Conference of the Learning Sciences on the theme ‘Learning and Becoming in Practice’. The goal of this workshop is to bring together scholars influenced by these two traditions for dialogue and exchange on a central question of the conference: How does engagement in practice bring individuals to become certain kinds of persons over time. More specifically, the workshop would like to take up questions such as: How does learning contribute to new individual and social trajectories? How does it help people to imagine or make connections to different possible futures (Jones, 2012; O’Connor & Allen, 2010)?

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